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Carmen Swick is an Award winning author and speaker of the childrens book series, "Patchland Adventures". Carmen was inspired by her son Preston who had to wear an eye patch throughout his early childhood years, due to an eye disease called "Amblyopia". From this experience Carmen was determined to write a children's book series to help and inspire others.

Patch Land Adventures (Book 1) "Fishing with Grandpa" — (2012 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD Kids Books category

Patch Land Adventures (Book 2) - Camping at Mimi's Ranch — (2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD Books for Kids-Health Challenges category)

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Patch Land Adventures (Book One) "Fishing with Grandpa" Patch Land Adventures (Book Two) "Camping at Mimi's Ranch" Patch Land Adventures (Book Three) "Pirates Adventure"
Patch Land Adventures (Book One) "Fishing with Grandpa"Patch Land Adventures (Book Two) "Camping at Mimi's Ranch"Patch Land Adventures (Book Three) "Pirates Adventure"

Anything is possible in Patch Land. Little Preston and his dog Beau are challenged by the eye patches they have to wear because of an eye disease, but that does not stop them from doing what they love. At night, Preston puts his eye patch under...

Second Edition: With Added bonus pages . Anything is still possible in Patch Land with Book Two. Preston and his dog Beau continue to be challenged by eye patching because of an eye disease that Preston was born with. But that does not stop them...

Preston and his dog Beau wear their eye patches during fun-filled adventures throughout the day and evening in Patch Land. As we know from Book One and Book Two, this...

Beery the Black Bear
Beery the Black Bear

Eye Patch Buddy, "Beery the Black Bear" super soft, 12inches.